Yogos in the News

"Out of the blue, sapphires have become nearly as popular for engagement rings
as diamonds ... The world's largest mine is in central Montana."

- USA Today

"Montana sapphires are a brilliant cornflower blue."

- The Houston Post

"Suddenly... the gem industry is paying plenty of attention at the goings-on at Yogo

- The Wall Street Journal

"It is believed that American sapphires are set in The Crown Jewels."

- Richmond Times Despatch

"Recent tests indicate that the 100-year-old Yogo Sapphire mine may contain the
world's largest reserves of sapphire - an estimated $1 billion worth of gem-quality

- GEO Magazine

"A Victim Of Its Beauty

Yogo sapphire is as much a victim of its beauty as its past. … the stones have a
crisp, violet-blue color that seems almost pastel when compared with the more
saturate blues of heat treated Burma’s, Kashmir’s and Sri Lanka’s best. For this
reason, Yogo beauty doesn’t quite fit in with darker contemporary notions of
sapphire excellence…. vibrant violet-blue stones... jar with modern sapphire color

-Modern Jeweler

"Yogo sapphires are known for their uniform, well-saturated blue color; relative
absence of inclusions and zonation; and high luster and brilliance in both artificial
and natural light; they do not require heat treatment. "

- Gems & Gemology
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