"Yogos have become famous the world over ... Sapphires from these mines are
equated by no other."

- Tiffany Catalog Circa 1900

"The Royal American Sapphire sold better than any other stone in our store,
including diamonds, through the holidays. The cut of the stone, plus its clarity and
beauty, attract the customer - especially the men. I've never seen a response like
that. I'm sold on it."

- Peggy Nelson, Nelson's Diamond, Ltd., Ankeny, Iowa

"The Royal American Sapphire revived interest in sapphires in our store. Most
customers are excited about the brilliance and the cornflower blue color. We're
excited about selling it. We think it's great that America has its own gemstone.

- Dorothy McChristy, McChristy Jewelers, Columbus, Nebraska

"Compared to other sapphires in our store, these sapphires sell themselves. Once
customers see the bright blue color, they decide that they want this stone."

- Ted McCullen, McCullen Jewelry, Wichita, Kansas

"We had a ball with them. It was the most positive response of anything we had in
stock over Christmas. It's such a thrill to have an American product that is
gorgeous, well-priced, and that the people have such an enthusiasm for."

- Pat Johnson, Muhl Jewelers, Coronado, California
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