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We will work with you in our design center to customize or custom design a
piece just for you. It's easy and you get exactly what you  had in mind when
we are finished. Go to the link for the category of jewelery you would like.
Indicate what your design trend is, your color of gold or platinum,  if you are
looking for something with single or multiple stones, and we will walk you
through the process. You will receive pricing guildlines depending upon your
selections and you will receive renderings as we go through the process until
you get the final result you desire. You do not pay for anything until you
determine what exactly you would like and we agree upon a price.
Sounds like fun, lets get started.
Click on category link for the type of jewlery
you would like to design  and let's get started
Looking for pre-made off the shelf jewelry click on the link  below to view
available styles.

To View In Stock Jewelry click here
Custom Design Center
Custom orders are non returnable