Yogo sapphires will give you a lifetime of beauty. They will however sometimes begin
to look dull, and no longer have that yogo sapphire sparkle! Not to worry, all the daily
grime and oils you come in contact with have made them, well.... dirty!

Welcome to our care center! Learn below how to clean your yogo!. Just follow the
step-by-step process below:

Step 1:
Take a cup and half fill it with warm water

Step 2:
Add a quarter cup of clear household ammonia and a few drops of dishwashing

Step 3:
Mix it all up and place the Yogo jewelry in cup and soak for about ten minutes.

Step 4:
Use an old tooth brush and scrub around the setting.

Step 5:
Rinse in luke warm water

Remember: Always keep the sink plugged, in case you drop your Yogo stone or
jewelry and it disappears down the drain!
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Care of
your yogos