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This website is dedicated to the famous Yogo sapphires from the
Yogo Gulch, Montana, U.S.A.

Yogo sapphires are unique as they are all guaranteed natural
and not color or clarity enhanced. Yogo sapphires are well
known for their cornflower blue appearance and sparkle which
can not be reproduced from heat treated sapphires!

Mined in central Montana, USA, in the Judith Basin  not far from
Lewistown, MT. Yogo Sapphires have been the pride of the
American gemstones market for more than 100 years and are on
display at the Smithsonian Institute (Washington DC, USA), The
British Museum of Natural History (London, England) and at the
Museum of Natural History in (New York, USA).

These sapphires, whose illustrious clientele includes the Royal
family of England, are now made available to you at the same
uncompromising quality

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